International students want what they pay for but aren’t getting

People caught overseas when the borders closed aren’t happy

Students now learning on-line question, “whether it is worth the high tuition fee” the Council of International Students Australia reports. And “the continued delay in returning international students presents a stark contrast to competitive study destinations such as the UK and Canada.”

“More transparency is needed from the government about when they are able to come back,” survey analyst and CISA national president, Belle WX Lim reports. Specifics in the survey include:

* over half of the sample are “very unsatisfied” with on-line classes, mostly due to an absence of interaction with peers and teachers and when they are on, “many reported having to attend classes in the middle of the night”

* students studying on-line in their home countries are not getting a big part of what they signed-up for – experiencing life in Australia

* students want fees reduced by at least 30 per cent because learning is on-line and they cannot access campus facilities

And yet even with all that, “ultimately,” Ms Lim reports, “students are desperate for a plan to return.”