International students want in-person teaching. They will go where they can get it

International students “are growing restless as they face a drawn-out waiting game caused by ANZ closed borders,” an IDP Connect survey finds

In contrast, there is “increasingly positive sentiment” toward the US and UK for staying open to internationals.

The student recruitment research agency surveyed 5000 international students, current applicants and offer holders studying, or looking to, in Australia, Canada, NZ, the UK and US.

The survey reveals a willingness to wait – 90 per cent of survey responders accept the need to quarantine on arrival in their study destination and 43 per cent are willing to start studies on-line. However, patience is limited with 44 per cent wanting to move to face-to-face classes in three months.

Some 56 per cent of responders are willing to switch countries to access face-to-face teaching “earlier.”

In Features this morning James Cauchy warns there is no time to waste to bring international students back