International students about to arrive

Charles Darwin University announces it is going ahead with its pilot to bring international students into the NT

Perhaps the Prime Minister did not get the memo when he said, “the ability to move and take international students back at this time through quarantine arrangements does not present itself. It’s Australians coming home first,” (CMM Monday). But CDU is adamant that up to 70 students from five countries will fly out of Singapore into Darwin on November 30.  “The flight has the full approval of the Northern Territory and Australian governments and will not be impacted by Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s announcement on Friday delaying the return of international students in other states.”

CMM asked how-come, but CDU did not respond.

The SA pilot is still on, in principle, but on hold, for now due to the present pandemic unpleasantness in Adelaide. “Our priority is the health and safety of South Australians … All inbound international flights have been suspended until the end of this week. We’ll continue to monitor the situation closely and will work with SA’s universities and the Federal Government with respect to the international students pilot programme,” was the SA Government position yesterday.

As for the ACT, the proposal for 350 international students to come to Canberra was put on-hold in July, where it stays.