International numbers: not bad, but not for long


International students were here en masse, at least in April

In April, 80 per cent of Primary Student Visa holders were in Australia. By sector, 78 per cent of HE students were here, for VET it was 90 per cent, 71 per cent for ELICOS and 79 per cent for schools.  Close to all Indians and Nepalese were in Australia, followed by 87 per cent of Vietnamese and 86 per cent of Brazilians. In contrast, just 69 per cent of Chinese students got in before direct-entry closed.

Not bad, not bad at all, at least until the March enrolment data makes possible a comparison between active visas and actual enrolments.

And it could be worse for ELICOS, for now

While some English Language Colleges have gone under, and there is no help from the feds for ELICOS in universities, the JobKeeper package is keeping others afloat.

That, plus cost reductions, say in rent, could keep college heads above water until wage support stops in September. But from then everything will depend on the end of travel bans. ELICOS is the only education-industry completely dependent on international students.

No students, no revenue, no support, no sector.

Dirk Mulder is CMM’s international education correspondent