Inspired new admission policy coming at ANU

ANU will announce a changed undergraduate admission model next month, DVC Marnie Hughes Warrington told a Hong Kong conference yesterday. While she did not elaborate, Professor Hughes Warrington identifies inspiration for the changes in the new edition of her long-running blog on life and work at ANU.

The DVC points to examples and inspiration donors provide the university as motivations for the changes to come;

“It was a donor who told us that he believed in our courage to change the way that we think about admissions. It was a donor who told us that she believes in our role as the national university. It was a donor couple who told us that they could show us the first steps in providing more concrete support for refugee students.”

The changes are based on two years of work, a journey staged with the belief of donors along the way, “ she says. They will, “confirm both our commitment to excellence and our role as the national university.”


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