Innovative Research Unis helps all with job-ready elevator pitches

The IRU is working for all students

Just about all universities claim their graduates get good jobs but some are better than others in helping with employment search and career strategy skills. These do not come cheap, which makes it un-common generous of the Innovative Research Universities group to make their content open to all.

The IRU has created eighteen employability assessments to use with students, as a stand-alone programme or part of discipline-based course.

The project was produced with staff across the IRU by sometime IRU VC Fellow Jessica Vanderlelie, now PVC Student Success at La Trobe U. It covers big-picture career planning and personal-brand building through to specifics of job-applying.

This builds on the IRU’s National Innovation Case Study Collection, an extraordinary resource, designed to “disseminate good practice, and provide a mechanism through which to encourage cross-sector collaboration and save institutions from ‘reinventing the wheel’.”



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