Industry collaboration from cradle to gravitas

The third set of Australian Research Council industry fellowships are announced

The ARC’s intent is, “high quality and impactful collaborations between university and industry personnel.”

The new laureate fellowships, for senior researchers, are rare – with just eight awards, for a 7 per cent success rate. This is in-line with the mid-career awards (8 per cent), but way worse than the early career category, nearly 14 per cent (CMM April 26, May 8).

Uni Adelaide is home to three of the laureates, UNSW two and unis Melbourne, Sydney and Wollongong, one each. Awards range from $2.5m to $3.7m

There is no faulting the commitment of researchers. Alexander Hamilton (UNSW) will work with Diraq Pty Ltd, “to solve key issues in the race to scale from small scale prototypes to industrially relevant quantum computers.”