In the serious money: the top ten US higher education endowments

The University of Melbourne plans to have a $1bn endowment fund by 2021, which would have got it into the top 100 North American institutions last year. According to the National Association of College and University Business Officers, the $1bn plus North American university endowment funds in 2017 were: Harvard U, $36bn, (up 4.7 per cent on 2016), Yale U, $27.1bn (up 7 per cent), Uni of Texas system, $26.5bn (up 9.6 per cent), Stanford U, $24.7bn (up 10 per cent), PrincetonU, $23.8bn (7.5 per cent), MIT, $14.9bn (up 11.4 per cent), U Penn, $12.2bn (14 per cent), Texas A&M system, $11.5bn (9.6 per cent), Uni of Michigan, $10.9bn (12.2 per cent), Northwestern U, $10.4bn, (8.2 per cent). Vassar College in New York had $1.002bn.


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