Improving VET teaching – it’s complicated

When isn’t everything in training?

The VET community agrees that teacher quality is “variable” the disagreement comes on hat to do about it

A revised report for the estimable National Centre for Vocational Education Research by Josie Misko, Hugh GuthrieMelinda Waters reports on what they were told can be practically done to “enhance” the quality of teaching.

They report,

* “strong support” for capability frameworks for teachers

* professional standards are “less useful in a complex and diverse sector such as the VET sector”

* opinions divide on registration/accreditation for teachers. The report notes the Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia has a voluntary accreditation system.

However, the authors report low support for changing/adding to entry requirements for VET teaching. This is “due to the deleterious effects” of mandating a Certificate IV in training and assessment, including cost, particularly for casual teachers.

Even so, they add that “many stakeholders” agree that a Certificate IV “would in time” be needed. Others want the entry-level qualification to be a diploma.

Or among some university researchers on VET teaching – a degree (CMM June 21 2018).