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New research programme from peak equity agency

The snappily titled National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education, at Curtin University, has announced its 13 research grants for 2017. Lead researchers and projects are:

Natalie Lloyd (Curtin U): how communities in engineering can increase equity group participation in the industry.

Robin Barnes (UniTas): impact of positive community attributes on regional students participation in higher education

Bernadette Walker-Gibbs (Deakin U): aspiration and outcomes in low SES students first university assessment

Lisa Hartley (Curtin U): barriers and support in accessing higher education for people seeking asylum

Jenny Gore (Deakin U): role of communities in shaping student aspirations toward higher education

Sarah O’Shea (UniWollongong): a “digital story telling” exploration of attrition in a low SES regional cohort

Wojtek Tomaszewski (UofQueensland): socioeconomic outcomes of graduates from advantaged/disadvantaged students

Ryan Naylor (LaTrobe U): institutional culture and structural bias in support/retention of low SES students

Fiona Shalley (Charles Darwin U): Indigenous student completion rates at two regional universities

Andrew Harvey (La Trobe U): design principles to protect student equity in performance based funding

Matt Brett (La Trobe U): establishing baseline data on student demographics and outcomes of students enrolled via third party providers and non university providers as basis for analysis of performance funding, sub bachelor programmes and provider category reform

Deanna Grant-Smith (QUT): low SES participation in postgraduate study and outcomes after completion

Ian Li (UWA): comparison of equity/non equity student pathways after graduation