Ian Young is oceans away from ANU

The former VC  is no one-wave wonder

In the Great Southern Ocean winds are blowing harder and waves are getting bigger, according to new research from the University of Melbourne’s Ian Young and Agustinus Ribal. They analysed data from 4bn satellite observations over 30 years and 80 ocean buoys to discover extreme winds are 8 per cent fiercer and waves 5 per cent bigger.

Young, Ian Young, now where have you heard that name before? Perhaps in reports of his global data base of calibrated altimeter wind speed and wave height, (CMM January 24).

Unless it was when Ian “the gent” Young was VC of ANU.

Back in 2015 Professor Young said he was standing down to return to research – and he was. While Lake Burley Griffen is very nice, it isn’t much use to oceanographers.

Ocean conditions matter to coasts so we need to understand the extent these increases are cyclical or caused by climate change he and Dr Ribal say



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