Humanities peak body demands UWA Press stay as is

Any diminution of our network of quality publishing outlets for local content risks marginalising studies primarily focussed on Australia”

The Australian Academy of the Humanities joins the deplorathon over UWA’s decision to transform its university press.

“The future of Australian academic journals and our university presses matters because our research system depends centrally on the circulation of research undertaken in Australia. They disseminate a broad array of work undertaken across the system, but particularly that which focusses on problems or issues that directly concern Australians themselves – work that we cannot expect others to do or to publish,” the academy announces.

It appears changing that is exactly what the university has in mind. The intention appears to be for the press to present research at UWA, whatever it is about.

“Only a small proportion of the authors and content published by UWA Publishing relate directly to the university and its work,” the university states, adding the reconfigured press will move to, “open and digitised access to information and knowledge in its support of the university’s academic writing and research,” (CMM November 11).


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