Helping who in the campus free speech debate

UNSW opens up discussion of the French free speech code

There is an open panel on Wednesday, with VC Ian Jacobs, DVC Equity Eileen Baldry and law dean George Williams talking, “about the issues and how they may impact us at UNSW.”

“Does this code go too far, or even not far enough? And how can we protect those who exercise their right to freedom of speech while also protecting those for whom speech may cause offence or harm?”

Academics (but not professional staff) are already covered at UNSW, with the new Enterprise Agreement protecting their rights, “to participate in public debates and express opinions about issues and ideas and about the university or higher education issues more generally; participate in professional and representative bodies, including unions, and engage in community service; express their personal views, consistent with the university’s code of conduct.”

At UNSW, it seems what is on the agenda is exactly what the federal government wants dealt with at campuses across the country – ensuring conservative visitors get a platform.


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