Help for internationals – as individuals not EFTS

500 international students in Australia and off-shore can access, ‘the national flagship employability programme”

The Study Australia Industry Experience Programme ustralia organises “relevant industry experience opportunities.” The next series runs November-February. It’s a JV between AusTrade, Study NSW and Practera.

Study NSW is an excellent outfit, focused on the 140 000 or so internationals in the state as individuals not fee-paying EFTs. Last year it funded a programme on scams and how international students can avoid them and a scheme to connect internationals with harvest work (CMM November 17 2020). It also part-funded an app in seven languages covering the law on employment, housing, sexual assault and dispute with course providers in seven languages, (CMM May 19 2020).

Practera (“powering experiental learning”) organises “authentic industry projects, internships and experiences” for students.