HEADS UP: achievers of the week

The Australian Academy of Science variously honours researchers this morning, with medals and invitations to lecture.

Career Awards

Douglas MacFarlane (chemistry-Monash University)

David Cooke (mineral chemisty-University of Tasmania)

Matt King (polar research- University of Tasmania)

Calum John Drummond (chemistry -RMIT)

Geoffrey Burnstock (neuroscience- University College London and Monash University)

Mid-Career Awards

Anushka Patel (cardiovascular disease management-George Institute)

Killugudi Swaminathan Iyer (molecular science-University of Western Australia)

Marie-Liesse Asselin-Labat (cancer biology, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute)

Early Career Awards

Shanyong Wang (engineering-University of Newcastle)

Ceridwen Fraser (biodiversity-ANU)

Irina Voineagu (neurodevelopment disorders-UNSW)

Alex Fornito (human brain function-Monash University)

Rhodri Davies (geophysical processes-ANU)

Zdravko Botev (computational statistics- UNSW)

Tracy Danielle Ainsworth (reef-building corals-James Cook University)

Paul Lasky (physics and astronomy-Monash University)

Alex Sen Gupta (climate variability-UNSW)

Amir Karton (molecular sciences-University of Western Australia)


Rufus Black is the incoming vice chancellor of the University of TasmaniaProfessor Black is master of Ormond College at the University of Melbourne and a fellow of the university’s management and philosophy departments.

Nancy Odegaard is the University of Canberra’s alumni award winner. Dr Odegaard is an “internationally recognised conservator” who is now a professor of anthropology and of materials science and engineering at the University of Arizona.

Climate scientist David Karoly is moving to CSIRO. He is now professor of atmospheric science at the University of Melbourne. At CSIRO he will lead the snappily titled National Environmental Science Programme Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub.

Tracy Chalk is coming home to become chief marketing officer at the University of Newcastle.  She is now comms director at the University of the West of England.

Simon Biggs will move from the University of Queensland to become senior DVC at the University of Western AustraliaProfessor Biggs is now UoQ’s dean of engineering, architecture and IT.


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