H (for high) in computer research ranking

This is a don’t-read warning for people who loathe such lists

But for everybody else, as of December, Rajkumar Buyya (Uni Melbourne) rated ninth in the world – on a new computer science ranking from Research.com.

His 845 publications generate an H Index (number of publications cited by that many times) of 154 – world number one Anil K Jain’s (Michigan State U) is 201.

Overall, Australia ranked seven, with 250 researchers rated. Globally it is the US (4090) then daylight, China follows with 850, ahead of the UK (527), Germany (435), Canada (366) and Italy 267.

The ranking is based on four bibliometric scores and scrutinises pay-to-publish journals to exclude “predatory publishers.” CMM is sure this does not mean all the big for-profit houses, which use article processing charges.