Growing international education in Perth: looks like a job for Rod Jones

The WA Government has launched its international student recruitment plan, it only looks a tourism brochure. In contrast a report on tourism in the state’s southwest by Curtin U’s Michael Volgger, Christoff Pforr and Sara Cavalcanti Marques presents a substantial strategy, addressing issues and presenting answers.

Among the pics of scenic vistas and happy students the student recruitment document commits to “a unified and coordinated approach to destination marketing,” “more active engagement with Perth alumni,” and “opportunities to participate in authentic Australian cultural experiences.” There are some marketing specifics, a “one stop shop” for student support and “relevant digital platforms to connect and support students.”

But there is one marketing move that will help the struggling state improve its share of the international study industry – having Navitas founder Rod Jones as chair of Study Perth. Mr Jones sets out three things the state’s international education providers have to do.

* coordinate the marketing of the Western Australian brand of international education

* implement initiatives that focus on enhancing the experience of international students studying in Perth

* promote collaboration and cooperation between international education providers.

Perhaps Mr Jones could hire the Curtin team to come up with the detail.


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