Group of Eight to incoming govt: show us the money (and policy)

The Go8 has released its brief for the incoming government

Australia’s economic growth is, “underpinned by one of the world’s best higher education and research systems” according to the Go8, which sets out the three policy areas it wants addressed to ensure it can continue to perform. The Eight’s proposals include:

* restoring ARC annual funding to the 2012-13 level of $971m (in 2019 dollars) from just under $800m now. Fully capitalise the Medical Research Future Fund at $20bn by 2021-22 and create a translational research future fund for other disciplines. Restore the $3.9bn remaining in the Education Investment Fund to its original infrastructure purpose. Increase block grants by 50 cents for every research dollar, to meet indirect costs

* “ensure complementarity between policy decisions on student and staff visas and migration in consultation with the sector.” Variously restore, support and extend a range of international research and exchange programmes

* review the entire post school education sector, to “ensure Australia can deliver an equal, seamless, PSE system as quickly as possible” overseen by an independent commission. Raise financial support students. Legislate for Higher Education Participation and Partnerships funding to be $200m per annum, indexed annually.


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