Group of Eight: as regional as they come

The Group of Eight says it wasn’t asked its opinion by the review of research at regional, rural and remote unis – as if that would stop the Sandstones

“While the Go8 was unfortunately not invited to make a submission, it is important that as chief executive I highlight for you the vital role and research impact that Go8 universities have in the RRR areas, including in collaboration with universities regarded under your project as RRR universities,”  CEO Vicki Thomson tells the Australian Council of Learned Academies which is running the review.

Ms Thomson points out her members have a “significant footprint” in RRR areas, with campuses, “delivering education … informed by the high quality research the Go8 undertakes. She also sets out research on RRR related disciplines, collaboration with universities in the broadly-defined bush, before getting around to diplomatically making what looks like her main point, why there is no problem with major research infrastructure staying in cities.

“While the location of national research infrastructure may be contended from time to time …  the reality is that: such national research infrastructure benefits RRR universities, their communities … (and) RRR universities are often key partners or contributors to the establishment, ongoing development and running of such facilities.”


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