Griffith U staff awards

The Griffith University professional staff awards for 2017 are announced:

Client service to students HEW 1-5:  Maureen Foley (Dentistry)

Client service to students HEW 6-10: Jennifer Dixon (Student Administration)

Client service to staff HEW 1-5: Sandra Quinell (Finance)

Client service to staff HEW 6-10: 16 nominees but no award made

Team client service to students: joint award to; Graduations Team – Alyson McGrath, Shona Baumanis, Rita Wockner, Christine Power and Griffith Business School Postgraduate Liaison Team – Leauarne Adams, Rachel Kearins, Jessica Yuen

Team client service to staff: Anatomy Technical & Administrative Team, School of Medical Science – Gino Cepon, Bevan Butcher, Theresa Gaynor, Leslie Edwards, Allison Holcombe

Outstanding streamlining achievement: Cash Management Transformation Team, Finance – Suganthi Sivasubramaniam, Nicholas Grant, Tanya Greig, Julie Fullerton, Matthew Clarke, Erica Billington, Debbie Foy, Angela Seeto, Carlos Cristiani, Shari Frew, Nicole Dunn

Outstanding innovations in service: Mail and Logistics , Pool Cars Project Team, Finance  – Fred Fleck, Paul Mumberson, Roy Trudgan, Wayne Reeves, Ben McGarry, Peter Meteyard, Peter Hafner, Shane Paton, Paul Karanikich, Grant Gallimore, Julius Price, Mohammed Hasim

Outstanding leadership in service: John Koutsellis, Finance


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