Griffith U staff awards

The Griffith University professional staff awards for 2017 are announced:

Client service to students HEW 1-5:  Maureen Foley (Dentistry)

Client service to students HEW 6-10: Jennifer Dixon (Student Administration)

Client service to staff HEW 1-5: Sandra Quinell (Finance)

Client service to staff HEW 6-10: 16 nominees but no award made

Team client service to students: joint award to; Graduations Team – Alyson McGrath, Shona Baumanis, Rita Wockner, Christine Power and Griffith Business School Postgraduate Liaison Team – Leauarne Adams, Rachel Kearins, Jessica Yuen

Team client service to staff: Anatomy Technical & Administrative Team, School of Medical Science – Gino Cepon, Bevan Butcher, Theresa Gaynor, Leslie Edwards, Allison Holcombe

Outstanding streamlining achievement: Cash Management Transformation Team, Finance – Suganthi Sivasubramaniam, Nicholas Grant, Tanya Greig, Julie Fullerton, Matthew Clarke, Erica Billington, Debbie Foy, Angela Seeto, Carlos Cristiani, Shari Frew, Nicole Dunn

Outstanding innovations in service: Mail and Logistics , Pool Cars Project Team, Finance  РFred Fleck, Paul Mumberson, Roy Trudgan, Wayne Reeves, Ben McGarry, Peter Meteyard, Peter Hafner, Shane Paton, Paul Karanikich, Grant Gallimore, Julius Price, Mohammed Hasim

Outstanding leadership in service: John Koutsellis, Finance


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