Griffith U finally puts numbers on science jobs to go

Griffith University is finally offering voluntary redundancies in science schools. Management signalled this was coming last year when PVC Sciences Andrew Smith warned “student expectation and behaviour has been changing” and the university needed to address a $9m loss on taught load in 2017 (CMM September 19).

Professor Smith now tells staff that the merger of the schools of natural science and environment means eight EFT academic positions will go. Five administration and technical support EFT jobs in the schools of environment and science and engineering and built environment are also set to end.

Staff have until June 21 to put their hands up.  If the VR targets are not reached Professor Smith says the university will “proceed in accordance” with the compulsory redundancy clauses of the academic and general staff agreements.

He thanked staff for “your patience and forbearance this year.” Which will make everybody wondering what to do feel much better.


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