Grand tertiary alliance ready for trial by skills combat

Universities only got on Jobs and Skills Australia’s legislated call list by the grace of Senator David Pocock (Ind ACT), (CMM October 28 2022) – but peak bodies are making the most of the opportunity

A submission to the Jobs and Skills Australia discussion paper calls for tertiary education providers to be included in the JSA advisory group.

The pitch comes from what only cynics would describe as an unholy alliance of Universities Australia, TAFE Directors Australia, Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia and Independent Higher Education Australia.

They also call for,

* a JSA workforce analysis “that will support universities, students and other tertiary education provides to support the nation’s workforce needs”

* including providers in workforce planning

* JSA to be “arms-length” from government and industry “to avoid potential conflicts of interest”

There is more of the same, much indicating that the grand tertiary coalition recognises that JSA could become a bureaucratic battlefield of interest groups and arguments and if so it will be up for the fight;

“it will be essential for effective engagement, strong outcomes and building trust that the various activities undertaken by JSA – through the advisory body, sub-committee, expert advice, its own internal mechanisms and other means – all support each other and are clear in  the remit of the work.”

Inspiring stuff.