Government quietly announces big bucks for block grants

Universities are not top of the pops with the government so perhaps it pained Minister Birmingham to have to announce funding for them – handing out block grants on December 22 was not a way to attract attention. Unless he did not want to draw attention to distributing $1.9bn in research training and support in a week when he was suggesting the sector had never had it so good.

Unless of course, he just could not want to hear an it’s-unfair-athon from the 34 universities which will share 37 per cent of the money. The Group of Eight gets the rest. UniMelb leads with $197m, followed by UoQ- $187m, UniSydney-$185, Monash U-$170m, UNSW-$169m, ANU-$120m, UWA-$94m and Adelaide $88m.


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