Government announces more money for STEM gender equity

Just very, very quietly

The government has announced $3.4m to fund gender equity initiatives in science, technology, engineering and maths. Some $1.8m will go to the Science in Australia Gender Equity programme which runs in universities and research institutions. This is on-top of $2m in federal funding for SAGE since 2016-17. There is also a separate $1.8m for a “national digital awareness raising initiative,” supported by women in STEM ambassador, Lisa Harvey-Smith.

Science Minister Karen Andrews announced the funding on Saturday, perhaps hoping it would not got lost in bigger Budget announcements. Unless it was because the Australian Academy of Science launches its decadal women in STEM plan Monday night.

Whatever the reason, the academy was grateful, stating Saturday the minister’s “bold vision … is commendable and achievable.”

The Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering was also pleased; “a welcome acknowledgement that we need to build a gender-balanced workforce underpinned by an inclusive workplace culture that values diversity.”


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