Good reviews from international students

They’re happy in this best of all possible education worlds

The feds have released, (quietly, as usual) the 2018 International Student Survey results which report that the vast majority are happy with what they get. There are marginal differences, HE students are more satisfied with learning, 88 per cent, than those in VET (86 per cent). But overall satisfaction among all student groups is 89 per cent, marginally up on the last survey, in 2016.

If happy students tell friends and family at home the industry’s future seems assured. Don’t bet on it – theGood reviews from international students is not far in front of the competitive set on two criteria. Competitors, including the USA, Canada, UK and New Zealand, score 87.5 per cent for satisfaction with learning, Australia is 88.5 per cent. On satisfaction with living, the rest of the world is 88.4 per cent and Australia 90.4 per cent.  Still Dorothy Parker’s principle applies – a lead is a lead is a lead.


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