Good news, bad news (and what to do about it) at Uni Adelaide

VC Peter Høj tells staff domestic enrolments are up but there will be fewer internationals in the future

Professor Høj reports domestic UG and PG enrolments are 8 per cent higher than YTD 2020. International enrolments are also up 8 per cent, with “previously enrolled students returning to us to complete their studies.”

But first semester international commencers are down 15 per cent, with a projected 32 per cent loss across the full year. “We expect a further drop next year, even if the borders are opened and international students are allowed to return,” the VC adds.

This means, “it is crucial that we prepare for leaner times through prudent management of 2021 revenues.” Plus, “we must look for new ways of delivering our services to a wider audience. “

“This includes further innovation in on-line teaching and learning, and delivering more of our postgraduate courses on-line.” This reaffirms Professor Høj’s February call for Uni Adelaide to “engage a greater cohort of knowledge seekers irrespective of their geography and border closures,” (CMM February 18).