“Go aargh” – NSW TAFE’s sorry state of health  

The “organisational health” survey is in – the results are not great

A great many responses to NSW TAFE’s staff survey are down on the 2018 survey, with people proud to work at TAFE declining from 71 per cent to 58 per cent. Only 43 per cent would now recommended TAFE as an employer.

Certainly, there are positives, 78 per cent say their work group has “a strong customer service culture” and 65 per cent believe their work group is “committed to improving productivity.”

But there are two stand-out shockers; 21 per cent of respondents think TAFE cares about them, and 15 per cent believe it is, “committed to ensuring that the right people get promoted.”

And then there are the really worrying worries; just 21 per cent agree that, “our systems enable us to serve our customers well” and only 49 per cent think, TAFE, “is committed to best practice in its industry.”

Some 6770 staff completed the 2019 survey, 2496 being teachers.


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