Gluttons for policy punishment step up

Labor announces science greats to review research resources

A Labor government will convene a review on strengthening all of government research capacity. Opposition science spokesman Kim Carr announced the review at a Science and Technology Australia event yesterday.

“Australia needs a new direction for science and research that brings scientists together instead of dividing their efforts,” Senator Carr said.

Former chief scientist and sometime VC of Flinders U and ANU, Ian Chubb would chair.

Other members of the review would be; Christobel Saunders (UWA), Emma Johnston (UNSW and president of Science and Technology Australia) Andrew Holmes (president, Australian Academy of Science), Karen Hussey (Uni of Queensland), Phil Clark (lawyer and industry policy expert) and Glyn Davis (former VC Uni of Melbourne).

Professor Chubb and Mr Clark in particular are gluttons for science policy punishment. Mr Clark chaired and Professor Chubb was a member of a comprehensive research infrastructure review which the coalition government did not give the attention it merited (CMM December 16 2016).


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