Gender pay gap narrows, but there is still a gap

Education and training has the second lowest gender pay gap

The 2019 report from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency reports the men –women gap for all of education and training is 8.8 per cent, down from 9.7 per cent last year and behind only the wholesale trade (8.5 per cent) and public administration (6 per cent) employment categories.  The economy wide average is 20.8 per cent.

The education cash gap is $10 900, compared to nearly $4 500 in public admin. However, women in professional, scientific and technical services are paid an average $31 000 less than men.

The education sector leads all-industries in providing paid primary carers leave, with 79 per cent access, just ahead of finance (76 per cent). Some 65 per cent of professional, science and tech workers can access the leave.

Just over half managers in education and training are women, stable on last year and still way behind the 70 per cent in healthcare.  There is still a skew to male managers in ET, with women accounting for 62 per cent of the total workforce.


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