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The Department of Education and Training has ceased work on the proposed Australian Apprenticeship Management System. Testing revealed “significant capability gaps” between the product and “user needs and expectations”.  The department “accepted all the findings and recommendations” from a scathing report from consultants PwC. Project cost as of end April was $24m and DET has apologised for the mess. Assistant Minister for Training and VET Karen Andrews is believed to have raised problems with DET secretary Michele Bruniges.

““Faced with either continuing to invest taxpayer dollars trying to fix a troubled project or to cease work, I support the approach not to proceed further with AAMS,” Ms Andrews said last night.

However, this may not be answer-enough for the Opposition. “Labor will continue to pursue this through (Senate) Budget Estimates,” shadow training minister Doug Cameron says. Estimates, in a couple of weeks, will be interesting indeed.


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