From Lincoln’s end to Canterbury they wend

There is news across the ditch that will surprise as many as nobody, with Lincoln U and the University of Canterbury agreeing to talk merger. Apparently, the plan is “to keep NZ at the forefront of leading-edge land-based science, commerce, management and design.” However, some suggest it is also about addressing Lincoln U’s sorry state. The NZ university auditor has found LU needs “more robust strategic planning related to teaching and learning” and that “formal policies and processes in some academic areas were of concern.” Nor was the university community up to the challenge, “because of its small size and the consequentially smaller pool of staff, Lincoln might be challenged to cover the full range of academic leadership roles which is normal for a university of any size.” CMM February 2017).

Lincoln U is now led by James McWha (ex VC UniAdelaide) who was pro-chancellor. He took over when Robin Pollard (ex Monash Gippsland) stepped down in March. Professor McWha committed to stay until Christmas (CMM March 29).


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