From average to awful at Uni Melbourne

Advocates of opening borders and returning to campus assume international students will want to get back. For some, it might depend on how forgiving they feel

As with locals, international students marked down the quality of their study experience during last year’s lockdowns. Unsurprising, given campus closures and the rush by academics to get courses up to zoom-speed meant re-enrolling fee-paying internationals were not getting what they had originally paid for.

But as the excellent Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching survey of UG internationals demonstrates for 2020 there is dissatisfaction and DISSATISFACTION

Overall, international students reported three to 16 per cent lower satisfaction scores on all education areas last year. The system-wide all-category decline from 2019 was a thumping 14 per cent, down 74 per cent to 60 per cent.

Which is bad, but some institutions did worse.

Like RMIT which dropped from 78 per cent for “quality of entire educational experience” in 2019 to 62 per cent last year. And Monash U which went from 75 per to 50 per cent.

And like Uni Melbourne which had a 72 per cent all category rating in 2019 and 41 per cent last year.

The university’s big drops were in categories where most universities dropped, Uni Melb just fell far –  on learner engagement from 48 per cent to 26 per cent, on teaching quality down from 80 to 62 and on learning resources from 85 to 54.


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