Fox and entrepreneur friends at Flinders U

Back in 2016 Flinders U announced a big initiative in education for innovators, with a new degree and units adapted from Fox Business School at Temple U.

“We recognise that careers are evolving and the workplace of the future will look very different to today’s. Around 70 per cent of young graduates will start their careers in roles which will substantially change or be obsolete in the next 10 to 15 years,” Vice Chancellor Colin Stirling said then (CMM August 16 2016).

It looked like a brave idea, of the Sir Humphrey kind, but two years on what it now resembles is a success.  Some 1000 students have been part of the programme, with nearly 400 of them enrolling this semester.  There are two courses and six electives on offer, including one called, “early wins matter: nothing happens without a sale.”  A point proved.


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