Four ways China can empty Aus unis

Stopping Chinese students studying here would not be easy, but the PRC could give it a red-hot go

Dirk van der Kley and Benjamin Herscovitch (both ANU) suggest how the Chinese Government could do it in a briefing note for the university’s National Security College.

* direct education agents in “first-tier cities” to “push students away from Australian universities”
* consular warnings and negatives about Aus unis in state-media

* stop the Ministry of Education recognising Australian qualifications

* a ban on government and state-owned organisations hiring graduates with Australia degrees

“Under any scenario, the number of students is unlikely to trend to zero but a precipitous drop is possible,” they warn.

This all assumes that Chinese students will remember Australia is, when they are finally allowed to come here.

(Scroll down for what van der Kley and Herscovitch think Australia should do to reduce dependence on the China market)