Flinders U VC asks the question on mandatory vax

VC Colin Stirling says he is considering it and wants to know what staff and students think

Professor Stirling’s announcement occurred as SA’s parliament stood adjourned over an Omicron risk. He tells staff that eased restrictions and new variants mean living with COVID-19 for the foreseeable future.

The VC reports 93 per cent of Flinders U staff are double vaxed with a further 3 per cent scheduled for a second shot. However, the remaining 4 per cent are variously opposed or ambivalent.

“Should the university move to mandate vaccination then it would be my fervent hope that the small minority of unvaccinated staff would recognise that this measure was intended to protect their health and safety, and that this might give them sufficient cause to reconsider their position on vaccination,” Professor Stirling says.

Staff have until December 9 to express opinions and the university will consult students “in coming days.”

But Uni SA is ok as is, for now

A university representative advises 94 per cent of staff are doubled vaxxed, “or intend to be” and “we will continue to monitor SA’s vaccination rate in the coming weeks.”

And Uni Adelaide will follow orders

The university states it has encouraged staff and students to vax up but while mandatory vaccination is not mandated “the matter is under on-going and detailed assessment.” However, ““if a public health order were to be issued in which vaccination is mandatory for the tertiary education sector, the university must be ready to follow it”