Flinders U proposes jabs for jobs

Management has a formal change proposal under the enterprise agreement

The prop is for mandatory vax for staff (ex medical exemptions) and for people who choose not be vaccinated to be considered in breach “of a reasonable and lawful direction” and “at risk of their termination of their employment.”

A final policy is scheduled for February 4, with staff having until month end to prove vax/exemption status. The university proposes requiring a first jab by February 28, a second April 15 and boosters by dates to be set.

Vice Chancellor Colin Stirling asked staff what they thought in early December when 93 per cent were double vaxed and a further 3 per cent had a second shot scheduled. The remaining four per cent were either opposed or ambivalent (CMM December 3).

Flinders U using industrial process to propose the change appears a win for the National Tertiary Education Union, establishing the enterprise agreement as central to university policy making. Although, the union’s state branch is not especially pleased with Flinders management. “ There has been no contingency planning about what happens to this work and who will do it. In addition, Flinders management must engage in a proper risk assessment consultation process with staff and students to ensure public safety on campus,” SA state secretary Andrew Miller says.