Flinders U backs vax

Staff and students must be doubled vaxed to be on campus as of February 28. Those who are not will have to take “regular” rapid antigen tests and present evidence they are negative for COVID-19

VC Colin Stirling announced the requirement Friday, after a long consultation and a careful process. Rather than just issuing a statement the university has created a formal vaccination policy.

And while unvaxed staff can be on campus if tested to prove they are not infected, Professor Stirling makes it plain that people should chose vaccination and that accepting RATs  is not “acceptance of any arguments against the safety and/or efficacy of vaccines.”

“The evidence is clear that COVID-19 vaccines save lives and represent our best chance of defeating this pandemic. I would therefore like to thank and acknowledge the vast majority of staff and students who are already vaccinated, and repeat my call for everyone else, save those medically exempt, to seek a full course of vaccination,” he says

But for policy-purposes “a full-course” means two jabs, perhaps “in recognition that the pandemic is dynamic and that we may be passing the peak of the current omicron wave in South Australia.”