Flinders teaching awards

The Flinders University Vice-Chancellor Awards for Excellence in Teaching are out: Howard Fallowfield, Kirstin Ross and Harriet Whiley from the College of Science and Engineering win for Zombie Apocalypse, a course in environmental health which teaches students food and water safety, and how to test for poisonous gas (such a problem at Bedford Park).

Other winners, which do not involve taking The Walking Dead seriously are:

Amanda Müller, College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Up The Hill Project: Fiona Rillotta, Lorraine Lindsay, Jenny Widdop, College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Global Workplace Teaching Team: Susanne Schech, Maryanne Kelton, Verity Kingsmill, David Willis, Colleges of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences/ Business, Government and Law

Lisa Bennett and Erin Sebo, College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences


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