Flash new Monash programme to help students get jobs

After decades of assuring students that degrees deliver jobs astute universities are gearing up for a time when graduates of the demand driven system might be so numerous that some struggle for the employment to which they aspire. Deakin U has long led the way with a suite of job skill products – including interview training, using practise videos (CMM March 31). Griffith U runs its own job placement agency for students. It may not prepare them from interviews at the UN but it is hard to beat as a way of demonstrating to students that the university has their backs when they want work.

And now Monash U is celebrating a very Monash work-prep product, a shiny matching service that analyses students playing video games designed to identify “50 key cognitive and emotional traits,” “revealing their key strengths that recruiters and hiring managers want to know.”

Monash Talent’s digital platform and matching technology is based on research by Mercer Australia that uses big data and cognitive and behavioural analysis to align workers with workforce needs.”



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