Five ways to behave at UNSW

UNSW human resources VP David Ward sent a message to all staff yesterday reminding them of the importance of “the five behaviours” which “give us a common language for a problem solving, dynamic, tolerant and high achieving culture.” Mr Ward invites staff to nominate colleagues who are “role models of the behaviours” for the UNSW President’s Awards*.

“If we are to meet the ambitious goals of the 2025 Strategy, then how we do things is just as important as what we do. … This common language enables us to recognise the behaviours in ourselves and others that foster a positive work environment at UNSW,” he says.

The behaviours are; “demonstrates excellence, drives innovation, builds collaboration, embraces diversity and displays respect.” What they are and how people at different work-levels can display them is set out here.  These five behaviours should not be confused by the (other) five behaviours in Patrick Lencioni’s book on teamwork.

But not to worry if they are; as a learned reader points out “since when did university staff need to be told they should behave like respectful adults who believe in their work”.* And since when did the university’s CEO start being only a president and not vice chancellor.


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