First in, best parked at Uni Sydney

A petition complains staff are losing their spots to students

Uni Sydney is very pleased indeed with the new, $35m Susan Wakil Health Building, which “brings together health and medical disciplines together on the Camperdown/Darlington Campus.”

It also brings together plenty of people who want to park there, so many people that the Community and Public Sector Union has a petition  for staff complaining about students “using the already under-sized parking facility” at Susan Wakil “as a 24-hours-a-day garage.”

The problem, the CSPSU suggests is a management decision, which “has recently opened up parking at the university to students, and at a cost lower than that for staff, which means there are potentially tens of thousands of students now competing for the spots where you used to park.”

Not you understand that the union is “anti-student,” “however, the university must reverse this decision and ensure that all future decisions regarding staff parking are made only in full consultation with staff.”

The CPSU says it has “asked many questions of the university” about staff parking but “to date we have had no response.”

So CMM asked Uni Sydney if the complaint about competition for places is correct on Tuesday afternoon, and late yesterday was referred to a price schedule. Students can buy an “all-times” main campus permit for $412 (presumably per annum) and staff get the same for $542.