Few futures fellows from humanities

Humanities researchers often feel unloved when grants are announced, suggesting their receive humble sums while scientists receive the vast price of gold-plated thingatrons. Back in May the Deans of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences lamented their discipines’ share of research infrastructure funding, which was less than 1 per cent of the total.

They may not be too pleased with the new Future Fellowships either. Of 100 awards valued a $84m, 18 (on CMM’s accounting of research interests) went to HASS academics. But most of the fellows were at the social sciences end of the spectrum, with just three awards to humanities scholars.

Rosalind Smith (UniNewcastle) receives $1m for research on women’s textual practises in the English Renaissance. Melissa Merritt (UNSW) has $850 000 to examine the Stoic origins of Kant’s ethical ideals and Monash philosopher Toby Handfied is granted $1m to study sacred values held by individuals and groups.


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