Feds asks experts for standard uni-industry research contracts

A bunch of research admin and intellectual property experts are invited to join a working group to create a standard contract for uni-industry research partnerships and technology licences

Commonwealth agency IP Australia is involved, with Education Minister Alan Tudge’s university research commercialisation taskforce engaging with the idea. Standard contracts that all unis would use is an idea that fits with the government’s Keep It Simple, Scientists thinking and addresses one of the reasons partnering with research organisations can get too hard for business to bother with. An entrepreneur who has done deals with universities describes being involved in a Linkage Grant proposal, which captured them in a 250-page Australian Research Council contract.

However, as well as giving research offices’ conniptions, experts warn businesses might not welcome standardised terms. The UK Lambert Agreement model, is not overwhelmingly embraced by industry there.  IP Australia already has  “tools and model contracts aimed at facilitating the collaboration process,” which learned readers say are not universally popular.