Fed U explains attrition: reporting error plus we’re working on it

Federation University’s appalling attrition rate with just 36 per cent completions among students starting in 2010 (CMM Wednesday) is more apparent than real, the university says.

“Completions relating to 2015 were under-reported to the Department of Education and Training due to a change in internal reporting systems. The university has now reviewed and changed its method of gathering student completion data. The department was notified of this under-reporting.”

Good-o, and Federation U does serve a market associated with high attrition, with a catchment of low SES and regional students. This is probably why the university has established “a very successful mentor program, as well as tutoring and counselling services, to assist students to adjust to university life.”

But the university does appear to have work to do. Federation U in the national top ten for overall experience in 2015 but the bottom five last year in the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (CMM April 12).


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