Fair Work Ombudsman investigating La Trobe U

Just before Christmas LT U announced it was inquiring into casual staff underpayment.

Not that the university, “was aware of systemic underpayment issues relating to our staff,” it just wanted to be sure. It called on casuals with concerns to come forward so records could be checked and any errors corrected (CMM December 11).

On February 3 LTU told CMM that the project had finished on January 31 but “staff members can lodge a claim with the University’s human resources team at any time if they believe they have been underpaid.” Up to then nine claims were received.

Yesterday the Fair Work Ombudsman stated it is “conducting an investigation into LT U” but did not add what it was about. So CMM asked LT U, which responded, “La Trobe U is working with the Fair Work Ombudsman on their request around the self-reporting of potential underpayments.”

The university adds, it has “engaged an independent accounting firm to review our practices and will implement recommendations from their report.”