Expert agreement on contract cheating law

Agreement on stopping contract cheating

Tracey Bretag helped write the  book on contract cheating so her support for the government’s bill (CMM yesterday) to prosecute providers really matters.

“Woohoo! The Australian Government has drafted legislation ‘to make it an offence to provide or advertise academic cheating services’ with criminal penalties (fine & custodial sentence). Thank you TEQSA, HE Standards Panel, researchers & media. Four years of activism paid off, she tweeted yesterday.

The lobbies also agreed. Universities Australia “welcomed” the bill. As did the Group of Eight, which was quick off the blocks Sunday, with CEO Vicki Thomson saying, “a strong legislative solution is warranted – and one that sends a strong message to those seeking to profit from students in this way.”

And in a statement rarely seen, the National Union of Students, “supports government action.” NUS adds that while contract cheating providers should be targeted students shouldn’t. The government agrees, the proposed legislation is not directed at students.


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