Expanding brief for an Accord oversight agency

A key applied research lobby calls for a national agency over-sighting public research and development investment

Cooperative Research Australia’s advocates an all of government approach, in its submission to the O’Kane Accord panel.

“Better coordination and an integrated funding model across portfolios with a long-term view could solve the problem of industry-led research funding. This would involve closer collaboration between government, universities, and industry, with a focus on promoting innovation and building research capabilities in strategic areas.”

And to make it happen, CRA calls for national-level public investment coordination by a “central authority.”

It adds to the impetus in Accord submissions, for increased government oversight of HE and research. The big four university lobbies all call for an agency to advise government on university performance.

Plus, the Group of Eight suggests a government body to oversight a national research strategy. The Innovative Research Universities similarly calls for an “institution at a national level” charged with “a system-wide view of university research and innovation and to support informed analysis and collaboration across different parts of government.”