Every little bit helps international students

With the feds doing not much to help internationals students who have lost the jobs they need to eat any assistance looks good

Which is why the NSW Government’s announcement of support for internationals has had a good run.  Skills and Tertiary Education Minister Geoff Lee says there is, “the state will fund temporary crisis accommodation for stranded international students as part of a $20 million package protecting the vulnerable and maintaining the state’s track record as a leading global study destination.” Good oh, but with 250 000 international students in NSW it won’t go far.
However, this does not diminish good work by the state – this package includes 50 000 subscriptions to the My Legal Mate app, part funded by Study NSW. The app includes 3000 videos covering the law on employment, housing, sexual assault and disputes with education providers and comes in English, Chinese, Portuguese, Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese and Korean editions (CMM December11 2019). Last year Study NSW also surveyed internationals to work out ways to help avoid housing exploitation, (CMM April 10).