Every crowd-funded research dollar counts

So what is the University of Melbourne doing with the money raised by three crowd-funding research campaigns that did not meet target. Keeping it is what. CMM is puzzled how the $2400 raised for the SkyHopper cubesat will be much help, given it is only 18 per cent of the target.  But apparently it will help.

Every dollar raised for each project … will be used to support the researchers’ work in the subject matter areas and will significantly advance their efforts.” the university says. Last night UniMelbourne added that, “thanks to generous supporters we will be able to offer one paid internship in the SkyHopper team this summer.”

Even so, this isn’t the way some crowdfunding specialists work. Australian outfit Pozible, which had a string of successes with Deakin U says, “if the project doesn’t reach the target amount within the time limit, none of the pledges are processed and the project creator gets nothing.”

But Researcher Whisperer Jonathan O’Donnell says, the “keep it all” approach comes out of charity fundraising and is based on the principle that every dollar helps. On this basis the three UniMelb camaigns that did not make target (cubesat, bandicoot research and mobility aids) are as much successes as the one that did, biographies of women honoured for their work in the Victorian community and local government.  He makes his case in CMM Features this morning.


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