Ethical research publishing: what it should take

The NHMRC proposes a guide to publishing research and explaining outcomes

The proposed guide supports the big three’s (ARC, NHMRC and Universities Australia) new research conduct code (CMM June 15 2018). It is big on principles, which are surely in practise. Thus, the National Health and Medical Research Council calls on institutions to:

* “promote responsible publication and dissemination”: this includes accuracy of reports, information on limitations and retractions and corrections

*  provide media comms support to get research out there

* support open access, “in an institutional or other on-line repository or on a publisher’s website”

And it wants researchers to:

* “disseminate a complete account of their research,” including, “negative results as well as findings”

* make “accurate and timely” corrections

* disclose “relevant interests” and manage conflicts

* not self-plagiarise

* “engage with the community, using appropriate communication channels to inform genuine public debate, and provide sound policy advice”


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